Anaxagoras Pneumatics Limited (APL) was incorporated in 20TH March 1989.

The company specializes in the installation of high tech mechatronic & hydropneumatic systems, electronic components, cylinders, filtration systems etc. Moreover, APL concentrates its activities on the research and development of new systems to be used in the high tech industry.

The company:

The company’s activities are in three areas:

  • Trading
    · Manipulation
    · Training


(APL) imports high quality, products from various European countries including Italy (20%), Germany (30%), Engl and (10%) and France (20%).

Since all the br ands are well known in the market, there is a strong dem and for the Subject products.

APL has a wide range of customers base including CEMENT FACTORIES, BREWERIES Banks and the government (Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Defense) etc.

The company also imports semi – finished high tech products which re-exports to Syria, Israel and Greece, after APL completes the necessary procedures that will provide solutions to the customers needs, whether the concern is for mechanical engineering, papermaking, water sewage treatment, chemical, bulk materials or foodstuffs etc.


Training is also included within the company’s activities. I.A.T.Co Limited, which since 1998 is a subsidiary company of APL, has been engaged in training.

The company was established in 1994 as a result of a joint venture between Cypriots and foreign investors. Its main objective is to contribute to the industrial development in Cyprus and the Middle East by offering.

  1. a) Vocational training courses primarily in Industrial Automation Systems.
    b) Consulting to industrialists who would like to introduce automation system in their factories in order to achieve increased productivity and reduced production costs.
    c) Introduction to Mechatronics Technology.

The company has been very successful since it attracts organizations such as the University, the Ministry of Education, Labor, education etc. The Industrial Training Authority subsidizes all the programs. Moreover, I.A.T. Co has established a modern training center fully equipped with state of the art training systems and teaching aids.

I.A.T. Co courses are organized and carried out in close co-operation with FESTO DIDACTIC the world leader in vocational training with more than 50 training centers worldwide.